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Issue #25|The Coaching Carousel| Get on the Warpath with Vitality & Energy| TSO Coach Needed in Texas at $80K!

published3 months ago
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Issue #25

Reader, These are turbulant times in our profession. It's just beginning, but football coaches at every level are losing their jobs at an alarming rate. The highs & lows of our profession are unlike any other.

I've been hired as a head coach five times and that is an adrenaline rush to say the least. From putting together a staff of quality individuals, meeting new people, joining a community as a leader and dealing with sleep issues it's always a roller coaster ride. I have enjoyed every minute albeit I have learned what to do if I go through that again.

I've been fired a couple of times as a head coach and as part of a coaching staff when the head coach was let go. Now that, I can assure you is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. The self-doubt, uncertainty and anguish can be so extreme when you feel like you've let down your team, friends and family.

When one door closes another one will open... Keep the faith while you create a football coaching life on your terms!

1st Quarter: The Latest on what's happening in football...

Here's an update:

  • The 109th Grey Cup is coming up this Sunday. Here's a preview from the Winnipeg Sun: CLICK HERE
  • The XFL has allocated their Quarterbacks and here's the story. CLICK HERE
  • Fired college football coaches make millions in buyouts. CLICK HERE

2nd Quarter: Online Insight (Something to think about)

Funny how one week and a single victory changed the mind of so many people about Jeff Saturday as Interim Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts. In our last newsletter we delved into various opinions ridiculing the Colts on that particular hire. After that victory versus the Las Vegas Raiders did you enjoy how that banter changed?

Pat McAfee brings Jeff Saturday on his show to a racous ovation...

Halftime: Focus on Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs come when we apply just the right amount of profound knowledge to achieve a successful solution taking our performance to the next level. These breakthroughs come in various areas of our life ranging from motivation, to productivity and most importantly to our mental health and physical wellness just to name a few.

Today's breakthrough comes in the area of an application toward anti-aging and living a better life moving forward.

Last week we reviewed the latest from Dr. David Sinclair the foremost expert on Aging Science. His book: Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We don't Have To has provided me the motivation to applying his science.

In the following video you will see a preview of a program that has been proven to give you a successful way of dealing with:

  1. Lack of Energy
  2. Mood swings
  3. Unwanted Extra weight
  4. Brain Fog

These and many other issues have been handled using metaPWR for myself.

I lost 11 pounds in 10 days without any lifestyle changes and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The science is powerful and I am excited to share a short preview on the metaPWR system.

Let me give you a quick synopsis on my experience & how I use metaPWR...

CLICK HERE to watch a complete overview on the metaPWR system.

CLICK HERE to receive a FREE eBook on metaPWR!

If you are anything like me, just get it right now by CLICKING HERE and get on the warpath!

3rd Quarter: Featured Content

Football Coaching Carousel

As mentioned above, the job market for football coaches is growing at an alarming rate.

The coaching carousel accelerates as the football season progresses in the fall and hits a fever pitch right after the last games. This turbulent time of the year when coaches are hired, fired, and moving from place to place at an unprecedented pace is unheard of in any other profession.

In speaking with an Athletic Director friend of mine, he made mention that he wondered if football coaches are ever really happy where they are…

Check out this blog post on the website: The Coaching Carousel

4th Quarter: X's & O's from the Masters

This chalktalk is with the most important influencial coach on the spread game that you have probably never heard of.... Ben Griffith.

Ben was my single greatest influence on offensive football and our meeting along with our friendship is easily the most cherished time of my entire coaching career.

In the Overtime: Triple Shoot Confidential section of this newsletter, I share that particular story along with his influence on my view of offensive football.

You might want to head below to the TSO Confidential video and then come back and watch this master explaining his concepts regarding Outside, Switch and some other schematics.

Clinic with Ben Griffith circa 1989

Overtime: Triple Shoot Confidential

After numerous requests I am publishing some inside information on this offense.

Here's the next section on the evolution toward the Triple Shoot Offense. In this episode I delve into a story on how my mind was shaped during the formative pre-TSO days. I will dial you into what I learned from the creator of the Hambone and how that led me to unprecidented access into the secretive world of the Run & Shoot.

Enjoy Episode 3: Pre-TSO

Here are some private links to get you caught up on previous episodes...

If you have some suggestions on what you would like to see in the future on the offense simply reply to this newsletter with your request. - Manny

High School coaching Job in Texas: TSO Experience Needed

If you have expertise in the Triple Shoot Offense and would like an opportunity for a full-time job at the 5A level in Texas take a look at what is required below and the specifications of this position. (I can not say the school in Texas at this point.)

  1. Salary $80K per year.
  2. Experienced skill position coach, either QB or Receivers.
  3. Must have Triple Shoot experience and will call plays on gameday.
  4. Teaching Certification is Core & Flexible. (Life Experience counts also you can take a test for certification.).
  5. Teach 2 class periods per day, then full-time football. (Physical Education or Special Education)
  6. Fantastic facilities: Full field indoor training complex, Amazing Weight Room. (Better than most College facilities)

If you are interested: Send your Resume and Letter of Interest to:

Absolutely no phone calls on this, please.