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Resending: Issue #24|Conception of the Triple Shoot Offense| Crockpot Your Ideas| Millennial Impact on American Football

published3 months ago
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Issue #23

Reader, I don't know if you are anything like me but I have dozens of new ideas every single day. At the end of the day, maybe 10% of them are worth pursuing. They all sound brilliant at the moment I have them. But they don't age well.

Sometimes within a couple of hours, I realize they're not such a great idea. Or, even worse I talk to one of my brothers who's an idea guy too and we head down a rabbit hole convincing ourselves we have discovered the next BIG thing.

In the end, I have to start with humility or I will drive myself crazy with sleepless nights. To circumvent that, I have created an aging process for my ideas.

I let them simmer.... like a crockpot.

I add those ideas to a list and let them sit for maybe a week or whatever seems right. And then, if it's still a good idea when I revisit it, then I share it.

That's my latest musing from my morning walk by the Ohio River!

1st Quarter: The Latest on what's happening in football...

Here's an update:

  • A lightning bolt came across the National Football League with Frank Reich's firing. More in the 2nd Quarter below...
  • LSU's massive game beating Alabama caused quite a stir in the BCS. CLICK HERE
  • The Canadian Football League just finished the first round of the playoffs here's a preview. CLICK HERE
  • FCF Players in the 2023 XFL Draft Class. CLICK HERE

2nd Quarter: Online Insight (Something to think about)

A couple of days ago, the Indianapolis Colts fired Frank Reich and replaced him with Jeff Saturday. The chaos that ensued in our coaching world came from every perceivable angle. Opinions on how this happened ranged from lunacy to what do they have to lose?

Here's the latest opinions and articles so you can make up your mind regarding this hire.

  1. Takeaways from Indianapolis Colts Press Conference
  2. The Dumbest Things Said at Jeff Saturday's Press Conference
  3. Here's the Jeff Saturday Press Conference

Colin Cowherd on the hiring of Jeff Saturday...

Halftime: Focus on Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs come when we apply just the right amount of profound knowledge to achieve a successful solution taking our performance to the next level. These breakthroughs come in various areas of our life ranging from motivation, to productivity and most importantly to our mental health and physical wellness just to name a few.

Today's breakthrough comes in the area of anti-aging and living a better life moving forward.

Dr. David Sinclair is the foremost expert on Aging Science. I recently read his book: Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We don't Have To. The insight he gave me was mindblowing and I believe it can be the difference in our culture moving forward if we choose to apply what he says. As a football coach, your stress levels and the way you live your life have a dramatic effect on the way you age.

After reading his book and doing some more research on my own I have decided to delve deeper into his ideas and take advantage of his advice and see where it takes me from there. I will be chronicling what I have noticed in future episodes of this newsletter.

Enjoy this TedTalk with Dr. David Sinclair...

3rd Quarter: Featured Content

Millennial Impact on American Football

This episode might just be the best one yet! A few months ago, I discovered the foremost expert on the millennial generation… Gabrielle Bosché. I was blown away by her insight and kept thinking about how it all applies to our football coaching profession.

Gabrielle is one of the most booked Millennial motivators in the world. She has been called the “next generation of motivators” by Tom Ziglar and is a popular TEDx presenter, bestselling author, and co-founder of The Purpose Company. Her work has been endorsed by the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, and co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Marc Victor Hansen. Gabrielle has worked with everyone from presidential campaigns, the U.S. Navy and Air Force, and the top brands in the world.

Check out this episode plus bonus information on the website here: Gabrielle Bosché & Millennial Impact

4th Quarter: X's & O's from the Masters

I love offensive systems and I've noticed that with every successful system there's always a base play or series to start it off.

Now, the first time I had ever heard of this was when my father was coaching at Powhatan High School (OH) and I was in elementary school. Dad had just come back from a coaching clinic in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

At this clinic he saw Vince Lombardi speak on just one particular play...The Power Sweep!

If you haven't watched these videos, Let's go. Take a few minutes and notice the conviction in Coach Lombardi's voice and his mannerisms that exude confidence in this particular series.

I also enjoy watching a master on the chalkboard. It's a bit of a lost art in this age of high tech teaching.

The Power Sweep: Part 1

The Power Sweep: Part 2

Overtime: Triple Shoot Confidential

After numerous requests I am publishing some inside information on this offense.

Almost a year ago, Ron McKie and I recorded a live video on YouTube that has since had over 10,000 views on the Triple Shoot Offense. The requests that I have received have left me encouraged that many coaches want to delve into this particular offensive system. Today there's 50+ high school programs all over the United States that use the offense. (That's just the coaches I know of personally.)

It's been my experience that the best way to learn something like this would be to get a solid understanding of the process leading up to the creation of this style of offense and from there to fully immerse yourself in the details of the system. I have noticed that throughout my career "system football" has stood the test of time and given coaches the most consistent success. When I think of systems, I believe they exist in virtually every facet of our game as well as the way we run various aspects of our football program.

Today, I start at what I would consider the beginning. In essence, what has led up to the creation in regards to the influences and thoughts I had going through my mind as a young very green football coach just trying to figure out this game.

This first episode takes you from my formative years at Barberton High School (OH) where I learned from the legendary Don Ault (Former HFC at Slippery Rock). I will visit with you briefly on the Wing-T, Single Wing and then the Run & Shoot.

After coaching high school ball I was fortunate to become a graduate assistant at Kansas State where life started to move fast learning from hall of fame coach Bill Snyder as I pursued a doctoral degree in Manhattan, Kansas.

Enjoy Episode 1: Pre-TSO

As mentioned above, to see Episode 2: CLICK HERE

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If you have some suggestions on what you would like to see in the future on the offense simply reply to this newsletter with your request. - Manny